OnCare 365 is our comprehensive contingent workforce management solution that optimizes performance through people and process. We work as an arm of your HR department and manage entire contractor lifecycle right from sourcing to off-boarding. Be it Background verification, contract management, document management, payrolling, contract extension, our flexible talent management solutions are designed to handle all aspects of contingent workforce management efficiently and at scale. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your core business objectives.

The rigorous 5-step process guarantees you have a compliant workforce, and our team of experts work endlessly to provide best quality service at every step to ensure you have a happy and productive workforce.

Why Choose Dabster’s OnCare365:


Ensured through deploying effective resources and enforcing best practices at each stage of the process.


Realized through vigilant control of workforce and client contracts, candidate employability validation, on/off-boarding processes, and engagement practices.


Achieved through dedicated teams of experts using best practice based operation processes to optimize contingent workforce on/off-boarding and management.

Cost Savings

Our proven process efficiencies minimize costs throughout the process with custom initiatives such as consolidated invoicing and automated approvals.

  • Documents collection from the Contractor for BGV
  • Documents submission to the concerned agency to conduct BGV
  • After BGV clearance is approved; contract is released
  • Follow-up with contractor to ensure timely start
  • Monthly timesheets and invoices collection from the contractor for confirmation.
  • Invoice submitted to the client for payment release end of the month.
  • Payment release within 30 days to the contractor from timesheet and invoice submission.
  • Monthly timesheets and invoices collection from the contractor.
  • Invoice submitted to client for payments and released it as per the payment terms.
  • Follow-up for the contract extension or Off-board in case of no extension for the contractor.
  • Contractor sign a formal letter of resignation or mail for records.
  • Collect the feedback before resource leave to get feedback on their experience with the company, their role, and reasons for leaving.
  • Informed team and respective manager know about resignation or contract end of the Contractor
  • Prepare compensation, benefits, and tax documents if required.
  • Get confirmation from the client, return of all company assets.